Activities & Expeditions

All our activities are challenging and exciting, combining aspects of adventure at a pace set to enhance exploration and appreciation of the natural world. Our activities teach outdoor skills and aim to build self-confidence.

Daily Programme

All awake to cocoa and biscuits. Each day starts with a few minutes thinking about the Christian faith. The Camp flags are raised, and then it’s off for a refreshing swim in the sea.

Tent inspection follows soon after breakfast. The rest of the day is devoted to a choice of expeditions. Each boy is free to choose an expedition to go on from those offered daily. We operate on “Camp time” (daylight savings time) by putting the clock forward one hour, which helps us to set out on expeditions before it gets hot.

Most expeditions end with time for a game of stump cricket, a swim or quiet relaxation after a day well spent. After supper, the evenings include the inter-tent Puddox played on the beach, finished off with an evening activity over cocoa and a few moments of Christian reflection.

Sailing & Canoeing

The Camp owns three sailing boats, a sailing dinghy, and various canoes that are used daily for sailing and paddling on the Hermanus Vlei. We launched our new boat, “The Star of the South III” in 2008. In 2012, Camp was kindly donated an Enterprise sailing boat by Des (past camper) and Margaret Herron. We boat will be known as “The Herron”.

Sailors journey to the south side of the Vlei to the “Haunted House” and the isolated beach called “The Cliffs”. Learning to sail forms an important part of these expeditions. The high point of all boating expeditions is to reach the far end of the Vlei, but only after numerous “sea battles” and attacks from ruthless “pirates”. Crossing the sand bar, the sailors continue up the tranquil Klein River that winds through quiet farmlands to the village of Stanford.


The variety of scenic mountain and coastal walks is endless. There are beautiful paths in the Maanskynkop and Vogelgat Nature Reserves. There is the challenge of the peaks – Mosselberg, Aasvoëlkop and Rocklands – and the river gorge in the Silvermijn Valley.
The ultimate challenge for the older boys is the 64km beach-hike to the Dangerpoint lighthouse, Gansbaai, and back in a day. Others may prefer to walk the Hermanus cliff-top whale route and abseil off the sea-cliffs, to walk around the Vlei to the old Haunted House, or learn the basics of archery.

Sailing can be combined with walking expeditions. Visiting the Lower Waterfall requires one to beach a boat near the far end of the Vlei. Over 10 waterfalls and cascades, with magnificent pools, most of which are situated on private nature reserves, can also be reached on foot from the Campsite.

“All campers get to go out on a Two-Day adventure hike: spending a night out in the bush, making their own shelters and cooking their own food! Most regard this as the highlight of the Camp.”