The Annual Hermanus Girls Camp is a fun-filled four day experience in the outdoors. Campers spend their days hiking, sailing, building fires, swimming in rock pools and making friendships that last a lifetime. There is a spiritual and Chrisitian foundation where each day starts with quiet reflection and sharing and the days activities form part of what the girls are challenged to engage with and to build on.

We are deflecting the domain to . We already tried, but Aidan Horn messed up the set-up, and the developer of Domain Deflect (Mr Reid) didn’t help enough. Aidan rents the domain, and or now redirects to the AHGC website. The girls need to organize their own hosting, for us to have proper control over the custom URL. They could either subscribe to Wix (R50 per month), for Wix to host their website with a custom URL, or they could re-write their website on Google Sites, and host it for free there (such as how Aidan Horn has created several websites on Google Sites). Jessica also created an AHGC website on Wix: . In the meantime, this current page could be used for the AHGC?