Main Events

We are always excited to have old campers return to join us for a few nights, or for a favourite expedition. Their memories and stories of adventures had on the camp in their time support the traditions of camp and are always welcome.

Here are some of the main events:

Advance Party: 27 Dec 2021 (10:00)

Boys Arrive: 28 Dec 2021 (10:00)

The Epic Pirate Battle: 30 Dec 2021

Arrrrrr me maties! Bring your wacky hat and water pistol; it’s gonna be chaos out there!

Rocklands Champagne Breakfast: 31 Dec 2021 (leaving 07:00 normal time from Vogelgat Base Camp)

Adjie or Commie will be leading a 6am full-frontal charge up Rocklands for a sumptuous Champagne breakfast near the summit (juices for boys). Weather dependent!

Sports Day: Sunday 2 Jan 2022

Parents should meet their sons outside the camp gates at 11am normal time if they would like to take their son to a restaurant meal or picnic, so that there is less covid-19 contact in our Camp bubble. Sports events start at 2pm, and parents should not come to the campsite afterwards. Thanks.

Dangerpoint: Monday 3 Jan 2022

This blister-making, cramp-inducing hike is the Camp’s toughest expedition. Only older boys who have proven their fitness on earlier hikes will be allowed to join.

Camp Concert: Friday 7 Jan 2022

After a supper in the marquee, the Circle tents and other bands of daring actors will present their drama or music. And of course, ‘Shaka’ will pay a royal visit!

Strike Camp: Saturday 8 Jan 2022